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Are you ready to sell wholesale, but haven’t found a consistent vendor?

Let International Hair Solutions be the company you can rely on for all of your hair extension products!

Slider1000x350If you’re a beauty professional who’s ready to take the next step in your hair business, you’ve found your next reliable partner. International Hair Solutions doesn’t just provide you with hair to sell – we do so much more. We supply top quality hair products at the best price with extraordinary customer service and are even willing to provide business solutions along the way. We’ll give you all the support you need to create your own brand, we have convenient payment options, we arrange custom packaging/private labeling and much more!Being the product source, you have the benefit in knowing that you can trust us throughout the entire process. Because we own our plant, we have unlimited access to raw materials and control the quality process from beginning to end so you can always feel confident and assured that we have your business’s best interests at heart.

Owning our own plant also allows us to provide superior quality hair extensions at competitive prices that you can profit from. Whether it’s one bundle or a hundred kilos of hair extensions, we can help you save money on the best hair products. Our steep discounts on already-low prices will benefit you and your customers so you are saving and making money at the same time! In fact, the more hair extensions you buy, the more money you save! To know more follow us on Facebook

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