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Small Orders

Is holding inventory too much of a hassle for you?

Let us help take that weight off your shoulders!

Slider-002-1100x350Having International Hair Solutions as your trusted partner you will have access to unlimited inventory that allows you to order as little as one bundle at a time. This way you can conveniently place an order after a client confirms an appointment and we can ship it to you in time for the installation appointment. As beauty professionals, we know how inconvenient bulk inventory can be. That’s why we want to make your job easier.

Whether you order by appointments or you want products ordered on a weekly basis, the choice is yours. It’s as easy as that! There is no more trying to find excess space to store your inventory or buying too much product!

How does it work?

Placing orders at your convenience has never been easier. Sign up today and be empowered to advance your hair business to the next level.

Just follow these four easy steps to start simplifying your business:

1. Become a Member

Fill out the online application or download and email the form to sales@internationalhairsolutions.com

2. Place an Order

When you or your client is ready, you can place an order online or over the phone.

3. Pick Where Your Product Goes

Whether you want the product delivered to you or your customers, it’s all up to you!

4. Schedule an Appointment confidently

You can trust us to get the product delivered before any sew-in appointment!

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