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Five easy steps to market and sell hair extensions

Looking for a way to revamp your revenue in the industry? Look no further, below you’ll find five easy steps to help you market and sell hair extensions in your salon/boutique.


If you’re going to be displaying hair extensions in the salon/boutique, it’s important to design your extensions in an eye-catching manner. Find an ideal location for the extensions near your styling chair where clients are bound to rest their eyes on your dashing display. This will spark your clients’ curiosity and you’ll be right there to answer any questions they might have.

Product Knowledge:

As a salon owner, it would be beneficial if all of your stylists are well educated in the products being advertised and sold in the store. The clients’ questions should be thoroughly answered with quick, honest, and accurate responses. Your stylists and yourself should act as consultants for all of the products and should stay up to date with the latest in the industry. When your clients feel assured that you know your products, they will be open to new recommendations.

Walking Advertisements:

Your stylists could essentially be walking advertisements for the products sold, especially hair extensions! Clients want to know that the product is good enough for the stylist to take part in, this buys their trust. It would be extremely beneficial to have all the female stylists sporting the hair extensions that are being sold in the store. It is crucial that all or some of the stylists are experienced in the hair extension process and are able to attach them in the store.


When you discover something wonderful you want to tell the world about it, right? So why not reward your clients for spreading good cheer about your products/services? It not only benefits the clients, but they’re marketing for you! Decide how you want to configure a rewards or loyalty program and incorporate it into your store. This program doesn’t need to be geared only towards the clients; your stylists should participate as well! They should bring in referrals and revenue and be rewarded for it too!


If you’re able to afford it, it is a good idea to be able to sample your hair extensions. Cutting up the extensions into smaller segments and handing out to clients is a unique way to market the new product in your store. This will allow the clients to hold onto the product and literally get a feel for it! They might even pass it along to someone and have it result in a referral!