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Are the demanding tasks of shipping and managing inventory slowing you down?

Let us take care of it so you can focus on your customers!

Slider-004-1000x350At IHS, you will no longer be obligated to deal with the time consuming chores that come with selling hair extensions. We’ll take full responsibility in the entire process so you don’t have to. Whether it’s packaging, shipping, or holding inventory, we have got you covered.Being your product back office will benefit you in several ways:

1. No need to hold inventory

Are you overwhelmed with the burden of finding time and space to store your inventory? International Hair Solutions will store all of your inventory and take care of any inventory scenarios that might occur.

2. No need for upfront investment

Rather than investing in bulk products upfront you can now order as much as you need, there are no minimum purchase quantities!

3. No time wasted in packing and shipping

International Hair Solutions ships directly from our US warehouse with your custom packaging and same day shipping.

4. Quick response to customers

You can have complete confidence in knowing that we will assist all your clients’ product needs in a timely manner.

5. Less administrative hassles

Seamless connectivity from your website to ours will ensure that you don’t have to waste any more time in dealing with administrative inconveniences.

6. Peace of mind

With International Hair Solutions as your trusted partner, you’ll have the freedom in knowing that your product quality, packing, shipping and tracking is completely taken care of. You can focus on what’s most important to you, your customers.