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Five easy steps to market and sell hair extensions

Looking for a way to revamp your revenue in the industry? Look no further, below you’ll find five easy steps to help you market and sell hair extensions in your salon/boutique. Design/Display: If you’re going to be displaying hair extensions in the salon/boutique, it’s important to design your extensions in an eye-catching manner. Find an […]


3 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Virgin Hair

Are you tired of the poor quality that comes with synthetic hair extensions? Are you sick of replacing them so often? And most importantly, are you over spending hundreds of dollars on hair extensions that just aren’t cutting it? If you need any more reason to invest in virgin hair extensions, hear me out. Highest […]


How to Detect Bad Hair Extensions

With virgin and remy hair being such luxurious characteristics among hair extensions, deceptive hair companies sometimes like to market their hair to be 100% natural. Unfortunately, a lot of you have had a fair share of these fraudulent horror stories that usually result in a waste of money. We can’t blame you – it’s hard […]


Virgin Vs. Remy Hair

Virgin Vs. Remy Hair Virgin. Remy. Remy. Virgin? If you’ve been shopping for quality hair extensions, chances are these two terms have probably caused you some confusion and conflict. Like to begin with, what exactly is virgin hair? Remy hair? What’s the difference between the two and how do I get a hold of a […]