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3 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Virgin Hair

Are you tired of the poor quality that comes with synthetic hair extensions? Are you sick of replacing them so often? And most importantly, are you over spending hundreds of dollars on hair extensions that just aren’t cutting it? If you need any more reason to invest in virgin hair extensions, hear me out.

Highest Quality Hair on The Market

Let’s start by defining what “virgin” hair really is. Virgin hair extensions means that the hair has never been chemically altered in any way. This means there has never been added stress from coloring, perms, relaxers, straightening treatments, etc. This is the purest form of hair extensions because it is in its most natural and healthiest state.

With all the heated products used in today’s world, we all know what it’s like to have damaged hair. Wouldn’t it be ideal to have healthy hair again? Well, now you can! Virgin hair will give you exactly that – hair that has never been touched by a flat iron or a blow dryer and is completely authentic, strong and flourishing.

They Last Longer

If you’ve ever worn synthetic hair extensions, you know the average lifespan is around three months. What if I told you there were hair extensions that could last up to two years? That’s right, I said years. With proper care and treatment, virgin hair extensions can have a very prolonged lifespan. When you buy virgin hair extensions, you exterminate the hassle of having to replace hair extensions up to four times a year. Virgin hair will give you lasting beauty all year long!

Saves Money… Need I Say More?

Having to replace hair extensions every 3-4 months costs you time and money. Let’s take a look at how much you’re really spending a year on hair vs what you could be saving.

Let’s say you buy a pack of synthetic hair at 14 inches for about $20, four times a year. You’re spending $80 a year on replacing your hair, plus the cost of paying a stylist for installation which is probably around $100, not including tip. Roughly, this comes to about $480 a year.

Rather than spending more money on hair extensions that don’t last, wouldn’t you want to spend your money on a higher-quality product that lasts up to 8x longer? I don’t know about you, but I like to shop ‘till I drop and would much rather have that extra cash in my pocket to do so!

IHS Hair

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